Clip&Run and the Bag++ Technology Story

Clip&Run was evolved from the simple idea we had as makers of really useful bags to harness technology to provide an effective and uncomplicated way of making our bags even more useful – in fact making them (almost) loss and theft proof.
To complement this innovation we developed a whole new collection of bags, all featuring the Clip&Run technology seamlessly incorporated into each of our bags, and all designed to serve a common and everyday function - bags designed with the user in mind, with features their owners will love, and in fabrics (some waterproof) inside and out which look and feel just plain “good”!
And finally, to make the Clip&Run even more useful, we designed the casing which holds the electronic chip so that it can be fitted into the bag, or clipped onto other bags or objects or worn around the neck.
In order to create a “smart” product with useful everyday functions, Clip&Run bags incorporate a removable electronic microchip in a specially designed robust and waterproof casing.
This casing fits easily and securely into another specially designed receptor fitting incorporated in your bag during manufacture.
The Clip&Run technology uses Bluetooth connection to connect your bag to your smartphone via the Bag++ APP.

F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)

Bag++ Technical Questions

1How do I charge the built-in battery in the Clip&Run Connect?
It’s very easy to open up the Clip&Run Connect and replace the battery. You will just need to flip off the cap, screw off the top cover using a coin and remove the old battery to replace it by a new one. Voila!
2Does Clip&Run Connect use GPS?
Our Clip&Run Connect works with Bluetooth Low Energy, which is a different technology to GPS as it is intended to provide considerably reduced power consumption compared to GPS.
3What is the range of the Clip&Run Connect?
The Clip&Run Connect has a maximum range of 262 feet (80 meters).
4Which phones and devices will work with BAG++?
Bagg++ App is compatible with most iOS ( iPhone 5 & later) and Android devices

Clip&Run Purchasing and General Questions

1What is the warranty of the Clip&Run products?
Clip&Run products are covered with a warranty of 1 year.
2What payment methods can I use?
Whether you have VISA, MasterCard or American Express, all credit cards are accepted.
3Do Clip&Run bags have general storage?
Yes, besides having inside pockets for laptops and tablets, all our bags have space for the rest of your personal belongings.
4What size laptop can fit in the BAG++?
Our bags can fit a laptop of a maximum size of 13.3 inches.

Bag++ App Questions

1What happens when my Clip&Run Connect is out of power?
The Clip&Run Connect will send you an alert via the app when you’re running out of power and the battery needs to be changed.
2How can I locate my BAG++ if I lose it?
If your BAG++ is within the Clip&Run Connect maximum range (262 ft) it will be located on the BAG++ App. Otherwise, if your BAG++ is out of range, the last location will be available to you on Google Maps.
3How do I download the app?
Our BAG++ App can be downloaded either via the App Store for iPhones or via Google Play for Android.